Would the last honest reporter please turn the lights on?

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This was attached to an email, but I found the original on the site where it was published.  The attachment came with the following quote, to see the full article click the link below.

This is a piece written yesterday, October 21st, by Orson Scott Card.  Now, this was originally published in the Rhinoceros Times of Greensboro, North Carolina, but now it has spread throughout the Internet.  He is a Democrat.  The editor’s note here says, “Orson Scott Card is a Democrat and newspaper columnist.”  He is a full-fledged Democrat.  He is pro-gun control. He thinks that the Republican Party in the South is still very racist.  But this piece… It’s something you most likely have not heard or read anywhere before.  It’s about the mortgage crisis, but Mr. Card here takes a shot at the media.


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