Who Lives in This House?

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Who lives in this house?
Queen of England?
A Saudi Prince?
A Billionaire?
The answer is at the end of the post.












This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to the President of Zimbabwe – Robert Mugabe.
Facts about Zimbabwe:
Life expectancy declined from 60 to 37 years for males, 34 years for females, the lowest in the world.
1.8 Million Zimbabweans live with HIV and receive no treatment as the health system has collapsed.
Inflation is the highest in the world and now stands at 231,000,000%. Prices double every 1.3 days.
80% of the population is unemployed.
Corruption is so blatant that money contributed for humanitarian projects is regularly confiscated by the Government for its private usage.
Due to the complete lack of interest by the government and the hunger of its people 60% of Zimbabwe’s wildlife has died since 2000.

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