What Makes A Man Fall In Love – How To Catch a Man

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Many a female has asked herself the question, “What makes a man fall in love?”
By allowing your inner romantic to thrive you become more open to making a man fall in love. I’ve helped many a friend bring out her natural instincts that are so often suppressed due to pressures of society. I say to heck with all that, love is grand and there is nothing wrong with having your cake and eating it! Go ahead learn to let your girlish ways flow naturally and enjoy the falling in love process.

Put Him to Work – Ask him to fix, open or move something for you in order to bond with him. This is more of the same on the nurturing topic.

Ask Him – Ask his opinion about oh… anything asking him lets him know you find him smart and value his knowledge finding him useful and helpful.
Play Dress Up – Soft, frilly and girly stuff flips a switch in a mans brain and triggers an intense response that says, wow female, nice! Men are amazed and in awe of the soft and pretty side of women. For instance, they are often awe struck with the fact that we can create life. Celebrate your differences and wow him with a frilly apron while you cook and things of the such. This type of things screams “I’m happy to be a chic” and men find this magical.

Wear His clothes – Anytime you wear a mans clothes it tells him you want to be near him and take comfort and pleasure being near him. Guys take great pleasure in your show of trust and preference in them over other men.
Hmmm… Let me see, what else, Oh YEA…
Let Him Be – Guys need to know that once they become involved with you their lives can remain the same. It’s important to show him you have no plans to change him or make him better. So, make sure the guy you choose is the guy you want. Men love their freedom, need to hang with their friends and have guy time in the man cave. If you’re a woman who doesn’t interfere with this he’s far more likely to fall in love with you.

Switch Things Up – Show the many sides of your happy to be a chic chic, the t-shirt and jeans with hair in a pony tail gal and the up do librarian type etc. Men love to see changes in your appearance. It keeps the allure and exciting wow girl factor burning. Men love all the versatile physical differences and are fascinated with it.
Give Him Space – Men place women on a pedestal, it’s therefore in your best interest to keep private things private. Leave as much to the imagination as possible. Don’t spoil the magic of your mystery. For example keep your grooming rituals and other female issues private. A man doesn’t want to know of such things, again leave as much to the imagination as possible. Allow him his own space to do the same. PLUS, Don’t take over his space or get rid of his things. In time he will come to these decisions on his own as you merge your things. Make room for his taste and embrace it.
What I know is this, men love us for our differences and adore all the mysteries of being a female. Celebrate and honor those differences with a kind and loving heart and you will find amazing and boundless love. There is nothing better than when a man loves a woman.

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