Some Cool Psychological Tests for You

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THE THIRD EYE : If you could have the third eye on your body, where would you put it on?
1) your head
2) your heart
3) your back
4) your hand

1) Cloth covered
2) Leather covered
3) Wood
4) Cushioned
5) One with a built-in massager

1 9 5 0
What is your first thought when you saw the above number?
1) Year
2) Phone number
3) Money
4) Combination code in a locker room

THE CAVE YOU WANT TO VISIT… . You decided to go for a cave tour. What kind of caves do you want to visit?
1) Cave with a narrow entrance but a wide exit.
2) Cave with a same space of entrance and exit.
3) Cave with a wide entrance but a narrow exit.

There is a cake with plenty of room to put many more candles on it. How many more candles do you want to put on the cake?
1) One
2) Two
3) Three or four
4) More than five

Noticing a new plant pop up from the ground, what is your first thought?
1) Glad and want it to grow quickly.
2) Be careful. Don’t step on it.
3) Oh! Will it give flowers?
4) Thank God! Many thanks to you, God,for its growth.
5) All right! No more watering!



1) You have no respect to your lover, instead, you often exploit him/her. As far as love is concerned, you are too QUICK. You easily fall in love with someone and leave him/her right away when you get bored.
2) Since you are scared of being cheated by the others or not wanting to be disappointed again, you, therefore seem to be contented with your unrequited love.
3) It takes you a long time and big effort before falling in love with someone. But, once you are in love, you will love him/her with all your heart, sincerely and forever.
4) It is hard for you to get deeply involved with someone. Most of your relationships are just more than friends but less than lovers.

1) Cloth covered. You want your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) to be together with you always, no matter when or where.
2) Leather covered You want your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) to be more open with you about himself/herself.
3) Wood You want your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) to take more care of his/her dress and manner.
4) Cushioned You want your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) to be a little bit more relaxed, calm and composed.
5) One with built-in massager You want your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend) to DO more for you. The message behind the question: A chair is for sitting on. If you choose to sit on certain chair, you have no suspicions or distrust towards it. This is the same psychology present in our relationship with the people we like. In other words, the qualities you look for in a chair are similar to the qualities you look for in a partner. Sit down for a minute and give it some thought.

1)You think he/she is very smart one… .you love his/her brain.
2) You love his/her personality… .Everything he/she does is beautiful.
3) Let’s face it… love his/her money.
4) You lover his/her appearance… .you like a good looking person.

The philosophy behind this test indicates how you spend your money… …
1) You easily spend your money much more than what you earn.
2) You keep balance between the money you can earn and the money you spend.
3) Stingy you! Though you have earned a lot of money but you hardly spend it off.

1)Wow! You seem wanting to get married as soon as possible. You may get married at the age of 20 or right after you have finished your education.
2) You want to be married a little sooner than the other. However, you want your marriage be agreed and pleased by the others.
3) You want to enjoy your youngster life as long as possible. So you don’t want to be married too soon. You may get married when you are over 25 even you already have your steady loved one.
4) You are full of curiosity. You are curious about everything.You want to travel
and accumulate your experience more and more. You want to prove yourself with the challenging work. You may enjoy your unmarried life until you are 30 or over even you have had so many lovers by then.

This test indicates your attitude towards your parents… .
1) You don’t want your parents to interfere whatever you are doing. 2) You feel grateful to your parents for bringing you up and making you a nice person.
3) You rely on your parents so much and want them to be always close to you.
4) You have your sincere thanks to your parents.
5) You want to be self-survived as soon as possible.

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