Pope and Tiger

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The Pope and Tiger Woods die on the same day and because of an  administrative
mix up the Pope went to hell and Tiger Woods went to  heaven.
 The Pope explains the situation to the administrative  clerk in hell, who,
after checking the paperwork admits  that there is an error. "However",
 the clerk explains, "it would be 24 hours  before it can be rectified".
 Next day the Pope is  called and Hell's staff bids him farewell.
 On the way up, the  Pope meets Tiger Woods coming down from heaven and they
stop to have a  chat.
 "Sorry  about the mix up", apologises the Pope "No problem" replied Tiger
 Pope: "I am really anxious to get to heaven"
 Tiger: "Why is that?"
 Pope: "All my life I have wanted to meet the Virgin  Mary"
 Tiger: "You're a day late."

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