Farmers Marry In Northeast China

Farmers Marry In Northeast China

YUSHU, CHINA – DECEMBER 6: (CHINA OUT) Nineteen-year-old groom Wang Yueming unveils the veil for eighteen-year-old bride Xiao Di in the bridal chamber at the Wangjiacun Village on December 6, 2009 in Yushu of Jilin Province, China. Wang and Xiao are farmers from the village. Usually in the wedding customs of many regions in China, the groom’s family will present the monetary gift to the bridal family before the marriage. Wang’s parents have paid 50,000 yuan (approximately USD 7,325) to Xiao’s parents. In the local traditions, the wedding feasts will last three days until the day the ceremony is held. The groom’s family will slaughter a pig, build temporary cooking ranges, and hire chefs. Early marriage is common in some Chinese rural areas, the couple will hold a traditional wedding ceremony first and register for marriage later after they reach the legal marriage age. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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