Orangutan Mother’s Love

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Aw, sweetie, you got a splinter. Don’t cry, let me kiss it better

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 9:34 PM on 30th June 2010

Some things just need a mother’s touch.

When Randee the baby orangutan got a splinter, his mother Deedee knew there was only one way to soothe his pain.

She scooped up her little boy in her arms, held him close and tenderly kissed his sore finger.

Randee had been playing in a pile of pine straw at Lowry Park Zoo in Florida when he cried out in distress.


Mother’s love: Mum Deedee kisses Randee the baby orangutan better after getting a splinter in his finger

Photographer Evan Hambrick said: ‘I could not believe how human-like orangutans are.

‘I think the baby had been chewing on some pine straw, then I noticed he made a very distressed face. He looked like he was about to cry.

‘We share so much with these animals and I don’t think we give them the credit for how much like us they are.’


Ouch: Randee had been playing in a pile of pine straw when he cried out in distress, but mum Deedee comes to the rescue


Like humans: Orangutans use facial expressions to show emotions

‘They are smart, use facial expressions to share emotions and show emotions with their lips and hands, as you can see in this photo.

‘Not only is the mother kissing the baby, but she is gently holding the babies hand and finger and slowly kissing her baby.

‘Humans love to be touched and kissed and the orangutans and other great apes are no different. Her baby was in distress and she was kissing it better.

‘Orangutans are arguably the best mothers in the world in my opinion.’

Mr Hambrick was able to capture the amazing action on camera after studying the apes for weeks.

He said: ‘Each day I probably spent three hours spread out over a five hour period just watching them.

‘I observed the lighting conditions and noted what time of day was the best to take photos, finding the best spot to shoot from was the trickiest bit.

‘These guys were awesome animals to photograph and kept giving a great show. The baby was super cute and the mother was really loving and affectionate.

‘The mother would find bits of food and start to eat them, if the baby wanted the food he would reach out with his hand and the mother would hand the food over happily.’

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