Girl With A BEEard

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The fundraiser with a sting in its tail… Teenager’s raises £400 by creating a beard of bees

By Daily Mail Reporter

Most teenage girls like to create a buzz with their fashion statements. But Nellie Odam-Wilson went for an accessory with a real sting in its tail.

The 16-year-old modelled a ‘beard’ of bees at Quince Honey Farm in Devon yesterday – achieving her look by placing the Queen Bee on her face and waiting for a swarm to follow.

She escaped without a single sting after the stunt, which raised £400 towards a charity trip to Africa. Nellie, from South Molton in Devon, said: ‘It felt like they were everywhere.’

Buzzing: Nellie endured the swarm of insects on her face for several minutes

The £390 she raised from sponsors will help to underwrite her trip to Uganda, where she plans to do voluntary work in an orphanage.

Nellie said: ‘It was a bit scary having all the bees on me, but it was worth it because it’s for such a good cause.’

The plucky teenager endured a faceful of the buzzing creatures for seven minutes, remaining as quiet and still as possible to avoid being stung.


The money Nellie raised will help finance her voluntary work in a Ugandan orphanage

‘They were only on me for a matter of minutes but it seemed like much longer. You don’t know if one of them will sting you. The bees were all crawling across my face and it was really itchy. But I work at the farm so I knew I was in good hands.’

Farm owner Ian Wallace said it was the first time anyone had managed the feat at the farm without receiving a single sting.

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