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A damselfly covered in early morning dew creates a bejewelled effect in the morning sunshine.
The dew-covered insects were captured on camera by photographer Patrick Goossens, 50.
He has dedicated years to getting the perfect shot, studying dragonfly and damselfly behaviour to help him get closer to the creatures…


…Patrick, from St-Martens-Bodegem, near Brussels, Belgium, said: “I have to get up early to find the dragonflies while they’re still covered in dew and I like to be on the spot 15 minutes before sunrise. The best chances for dew are in the months of May to June and September to October. If there is some ground mist, that will add to the amount of drops”

Picture: PATRICK


Fearless female free diver, Ashley Futral swims with a Sand Tiger Shark just off the coast of North Carolina.

Ashley, 27, has swum over 100 times with these sharks, 20 miles off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.

Taking advantage of the artificial reef created by the sinking of two copper dredgers,

Ashley has been perfecting the meditation techniques needed in free diving, having only taken up the sport three years ago



A police photo of ‘Fatso’, a 5-metre crocodile.

A 36-year-old man man is being treated in hospital for injuries after being bitten on the leg by the saltwater croc after trying to ride it while drunk in Broome, Western Australia, on Monday evening

Picture: EPA


A photo from shows a snow globe inspired by the Deep-water Horizon BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to the company the BP Polluted Ocean Globe rains black snow when shaken.
The globe is being pitched as ‘a must have Christmas gift’ and sells for $34.95


This image made available by the Ministry of Defence shows Taramis, a prototype of an unmanned combat aircraft of the future.
Named after the Celtic god of thunder, the concept demonstrator will test the possibility of developing the first ever autonomous stealthy Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle that would ultimately be capable of precisely striking targets at long range, even in another continent


A huge banner welcoming the FIFA World Cup 2014 is displayed at the foot of Christ the Redemeer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

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