Bamboo Fabrics

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The following was sent in an email:

I thought you all might be interested, although you may already know this. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the bamboo fabrics that are on the market today are not “natural”, “biodegradable” nor “antimicrobial”. They go through huge amounts of synthetica chemical-rich processing between harvest and fabric, and should be thought of as rayon. In fact the FTC is actually going after several companies that had been marketing bamboo clothing as natural, antimicrobial (bamboo is, but that’s processed out of the material while making it into fabric) and biodegradable. In other words, when we buy bamboo because it is eco-friendly, we are being duped. (although it does seem to be true that of course it’s renewable and grows without the intensive pesticide use and irrigation required for cotton).

Original FTC Article: Have You Been Bamboozled by Bamboo Fabrics?

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