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An Emperor Tamarin sticks out its tongue at London Zoo’s new exhibit, ‘Rainforest Life’

Two Emperor Tamarins feed at London Zoo’s new exhibit, ‘Rainforest Life’

A two-toed sloth clings to a pipe in Rainforest Life. The exhibit is a living rainforest, built inside a giant bio-dome, which will be a giant breeding facility for free-roaming monkeys, sloths, tree anteaters and birds

A golden lion tamarin clings onto the sign in front of its new enclosure at London Zoo’s Rainforest Life exhibit

A Japanese monkey sunbathes at the Tama Zoo in Hino, western Tokyo

A two week old ring-tailed Lemur clings on to its mother at the Singapore Zoo

Abandoned by their mother after builders disturbed their den when they were just a few days old, these orphan fox kits snuggle up to a Basil Brush cuddly toy instead. They are being cared for by hairdresser Monica Russell, who takes them to work with her

A fox kit named Shortcake, abandoned by her mother a week ago, is fed at the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in Hailsham, Sussex

Sumatran Tigers in a cage at the Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia in Bogor, Indonesia, a month after they were found at a private home during a raid by Indonesian wildlife officials

Four neglected zoo tigers from Germany arrive at the Dutch shelter for predators in Nijeberkoop. The animals come from Tierpark Kalletal zoo, which closed earlier this year

At the National Zoological Gardens at Dehiwala in Colombo the egg a brown fish owl laid has hatched.

A meerkat stands up during the annual inventory at the zoo in Erfurt, Germany. Erfurt’s zoo houses 943 animals of 167 species

Hares box on a field near Frankfurt, central Germany

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