A Chinese Married His Dead Girlfriend

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A 26-year-old Chinese man Zhuang Huagui has married his dead girlfriend Hu Zhao, 21, who was murdered 8 days ago. The couple originally planned to get married on February 4, but on January 28, one week before their wedding, the girl was stabbed to death by two break-in thieves. With all the pain, lost and love, the man still decided to marry his dead girlfriend.

Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_001 (1)Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_002Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_003Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_004Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_005Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_006Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_007Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_008Chinese_man_Married_Dead_Bride_009

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