10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Bride on the Wedding Day

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Run Man! Run!

10.) Honey, please make me a promise that you’ll never Google my name.

9.) Does the 20th or 21st of each month work better for doing that sex thing?

8.) Are you sad about seeing your friends for the last time tonight at the reception?

7.) Don’t expect any cool gifts. I deleted your Man Registry three weeks ago.

6.) My private investigator followed you to your bachelor party. We need to talk.

5.) Now that we’re married, I guess I can stop exercising.

4.) Goodbye Sportscenter. Hello cuddle parties.

3.) You. Me. Your Best Man. Tonight. What do ya say?

2.) I hate to spring this on you last-minute, but I wanted to let you know that my parents are coming on our honeymoon with us.

And drumroll….

1.) Just think hubby, we’ll be parents by this time next year!


After some research, we found the content of this email was forwarded from GroomsAdvice.com.

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