10 Famous People Statues

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Johnny Depp a life-sized statue in Drvengrad, an art village
within a mountain village of Mokra Gora, Serbia.


Buddy Holly statue in San Miguel, Lima, Peru.


John Lennon statue, Liverpool.


Statue of Michael Jackson in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Michael Jordan Statue – Chicago, United Center.


Ray Charles statue in Ray Charles Plaza in Albany, Georgia.


Rocky Balboa statue in the village of Zitiste, some 60 km from Belgrade.


Stevie Ray Vaughn statue in the Austin.


Bronz statue of Babe Ruth in Yagiyama Zoo of Sendai, Japan.


A statue of John Lennon in Lubbock, Texas.


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  • Sean

    The name tags for the John Lennon statue and Buddy Holly are backwards.

  • PeggySue Turner

    I believe you have the wrong names with the wrong pictures you have John Lenon with Buddy Holly and Buddy Holly as John Lenon and as you can plainly see on the bottom of the statue it states John Lenon not Buddy Holly and there is no denying those glasses is Buddy Holly. I was named after his song and I have been a fan all my life so I beleive I would recognize the difference between a former Beatle and Buddy Holly. I love John Lenon too and it is not doing either one justice to call them the other one. Someone really needs to correct this PLEASE! Thank you! PeggySue

  • http://oddemail.com admin

    This has been rectified. Thank you!

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